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"True love is like ghosts which everyone talks about and few have seen."
  François de la Rochefoucauld


  V I T A
1961 Born Sharon Alicia Hester in Worcester, England
1970 Move to Hatfield, Herts., England
1979 A-Levels in Latin, German and French
Bishops Hatfield Girls' School
1979-1983 Combined Honours Degree in Modern Languages
University of Birmingham, England
1981-1982 Studies at University of Cologne, Germany,
and University of Nancy, France
1983-1998 Employment in several international enterprises
1991 Marriage
1992 Birth of son
1998 - to date Freelance translator and consultant for European affairs
2000 Birth of daughter
2004 Training and qualification as Aerobics Instructor
2012 Start of first novel
"Simply meant to be"

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  Simply meant to be, a novel by Alicia Hester, Simply meant to be